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Book Love Book Club

With Facebook continually changing algorithms on which posts we see, and Twitter moving faster than I can fly, I’m missing out on interactions with the people I care about. I like to stay in touch with readers and share the love of all things bookish, so today, I’d like to invite you to join my book club on (similar to Yahoo, but better). You can choose to either log in to participate or do so via the comfort of your inbox. In the Book Love Book Club, we can:

  • talk about what you’re reading right now,
  • what’s next on your list,
  • ask a question about any of my books, writing, reading, editing,
  • chat about market trends, the next ‘big thing’, what you’d like to see out there on the shelves etc.
  • receive exclusive giveaways and sneak peeks

So make a coffee, stockpile the chocolate, bring a friend, and join me on the couch at Book Love Book Club today.