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Royally Abandoned

Christmas is twelve weeks away. That’s pretty scary, right? So to get us in the mood, here is a new release from Kelsey McNight and Sarah Fischer. Everyone loves a Christmas prince!

A seat on the throne or a place in her heart?

Greyson Montgomery dreams of a simple life, but as the crown prince of Aldora, simple is not in his future. Before ascending the throne on Christmas Eve, Greyson is given one month to explore how the other half lives. Armed with a few hundred dollars and a fake backstory, Greyson flies to Savannah, Georgia, to see if he has what it takes to chase the American Dream.

Scarlett Calhoun is a Southern Belle with a heart as big as a Georgia peach. When she meets the charming construction worker, Greyson, it isn’t long before she is embracing the holiday cheer. Soon, she’s teaching him how to cook, falling for his exotic accent and soulful eyes, and joining him on picnic lunches where they talk for hours.

With Christmas Eve nearing, Greyson must fly back to Aldora and either abdicate the throne, or take his rightful place as king. Will he ignore his birthright to remain with Scarlett or will she be royally abandoned?

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No Looking Back by Linda Charles

It is my pleasure to welcome Bindarra Creek author, Linda Charles, to the blog today to talk about her latest release, No Looking Back. How beautiful is that cover?

Hi everyone,

Thank you, Juanita, for inviting me to write to you about my latest book, No Looking Back. It’s set in Bindarra Creek and I introduce new characters and keep up with some old favourites from the earlier books.

I used to live in the Hunter Valley in NSW, and one neighbor had cows and the other had horses. Whenever we approached the cows they would run away, but the horses would always come up to us for pat, a little something to nibble on and follow us around. Needless to say, we fell in love with them. They are beautiful, elegant and intelligent animals.

The story lines in this book follow the stories I’ve gathered over the years from one of my girlfriend’s brother and his friends’ efforts in joining syndications to purchase horses. Some of the syndications are put together by horse trainers, breeders and jockeys. They love being part of the industry, and I’m a witness to their shrug of the shoulders when there’s a loss and sadness when things do not work out and their shares in a horse have to be sold back. This happened last year and I re-tell that tale in ‘What’s in a kiss?’ in the form of Buttercup, a McKenna family favourite horse who didn’t make the grade because of the size of her hooves.

I love going to the horse sales. It’s an opportunity to get up and close to these magnificent horses with bloodlines that bode well for a profitable future. I also learn about the quirky behavior of some of these horses. I haven’t done so yet, but I’m getting closer to actually parting with some of my hard-earned cash to purchase a share in a horse.

In this story, Hannah McKenna loves working with horses and is trying hard to keep it altogether after her first horse syndication deal turns sour. Since then she’s been careful and played life straight, and has had enough. She runs into trouble when she meets Blake Hudson – the man who put together the failed deal – who rescues her when she takes a nasty tumble from a horse.

Blake Hudson is known as Mr Nice Guy, but there are dark shadows in his past. He’s the dealmaker, the perfect go-between who puts together horse syndications and once the deal is done he moves on. Problem is, Hannah is the exception and he can’t keep away, but fears she will walk if she knew the truth about his past.

He hadn’t bargained on dealing with a mischievous third party called attraction.

When she discovers the truth, both realise they could lose everything, including each other.

It’s been a great to be part of the series. You can find No Looking Back at – Amazon –

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