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Under Cover of Dark’s Lily Bennetti under Interrogation

What does a writer do when a character is being a little evasive? Lily Bennetti, the heroine in Under Cover of Dark (working title) has built walls so thick around her, I can’t get inside her head. While the delectable Detective Mark Johnson is cooperating beautifully in the story, Ms Lily is playing hide and seek with me. So I did what any good detective would do…I put her in the interrogation chair.

  • What is your idea of perfect happiness?

Seeing my son smile again. Learning to live without fear and trying all the things on my bucket list.Lily Bennetti

Tranquility surrounded her, as Lily sipped her glass of chilled Margaret River wine. The classic dry white and TJ’s laid-back company made it easy to relax, despite the horror of their day. That, coupled with the glorious sound of Marty and Luke’s laughter blending with the deeper male voices, had her letting down her guard a little. God bless these people—these strangers—and their power of distraction. She welcomed the distraction as a band aid on the events of the day. How long had it been since she’d heard Luke laugh?

  • What is your current state of mind?

Scared, unsure, but I’m slowly starting to recover my backbone.

“Get out, Nic.” The deadly calm in her voice was belied by her shaking hands.

Albero’s eyes narrowed on hers. “You’ll regret it, Liliana.”

  • What or who is the greatest love of your life?

At this point, I’d have to say my son Luke. But there’s a certain sexy detective who has caught my eye.Under Cover of Dark

He’d rolled up the sleeves of his white shirt to reveal strong, corded forearms, pumped now from tossing the football. His tie was stuffed carelessly in his pants pocket and the top three buttons of his shirt were undone to reveal a smooth, solid chest. That killer smile alone would have women on their knees. With a will of their own, her eyes followed the line of the buttons to the belt at his waist and she watched slim hips move with a rhythm that had heat surging through her.  Her hand shook a little with the force of it, sloshing the wine over the side of the glass.

  • What is your most marked characteristic?

I care…sometimes too much.

  • What is your greatest regret?

Not getting help for myself and my son sooner.  We wouldn’t be in this mess if I had…

Restless now, she stood and walked to the edge of the veranda. “Naïve and young, that’s what I really was. He’d never change and I did Luke more harm than good by staying.” Guilt sank heavily in her stomach. By staying, she’d put him in danger and destroyed them both emotionally. She’d forbidden him the chance to have a happier childhood.

  • Which talent do you have?

I’ve just discovered I have a talent for garden design! I’m looking forward to transforming the gardens at TJ and Scott’s teenage refuge.Lily's Garden Project

  • What qualities do you most like in a man?

Loyalty, honesty, inner strength and a caring nature

  • Who is your hero in real life?

Detective Mark Johnson, without him Luke and I could be in serious trouble.


He turned to find her face inches from his. “Yes, Lily?”

“Thank you.”

“For what?”

“For everything. For helping us, for knowing what to do.”

  • On what occasions do you lie?

I didn’t exactly lie, but I withheld evidence from a police investigation to protect my son. It was necessary…to stay alive.

  • If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I’d like to be stronger emotionally.

  • What is your motto?

I never had a goal, let alone a motto before I met Detective Mark Johnson. Now, I can say—Fight for what you believe in.

Well, there you have it. Thanks to a wonderful brainstorming session with my muse, Kerrie, this morning, we’ve helped Lily find herself a little more. Lily and I are now off on an adventure of discovery. See you soon…

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