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Elsie’s Place by Kerrie Paterson

Elsie's PlaceElsie’s Place by Kerrie Paterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful, heart-warming read about three women who find love, support and friendship in an unlikely place. Strangers brought together during the renovation of Elsie’s Place, a run-down historical property Patricia has inherited, each woman has a hurt or hurdle to overcome. A hard-working single mother, a career woman with a desperate wish and a school principal recovering on stress leave – none of them could ever have forseen that a house renovation would make them rethink the direction their lives are taking. A wonderful, well-written story about love and forgiveness, discovery and secrets, with the underlying message that friendship does more than just bring people together. It has the potential to create a family. An excellent read I’d highly recommend.

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A Grand Design style renovation – with a literal skeleton in the closet.

Sixty-year-old widowed school principal Patricia inherits a run-down, historic house in Newcastle, NSW, from Elsie, an old lady she’d befriended.

On leave following a distressing incident at her school, Pat throws herself into restoring the house with the help of new friends – architect Susan, whose longing for a child threatens her marriage, and Lauren, a single mum stubbornly sacrificing her dreams of self-employment for the security of a nine-to-five job. Attraction flares between Pat and Andy, the historic restoration expert she hires.

While menacing phone calls and destructive break-ins threaten to derail the restoration project, a shocking discovery causes repercussions no-one could have foreseen.

Caught between the needs of her mother ravaged by dementia and the demands of her adult children, Pat must learn to put herself first to salvage both her new life and her new love.

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Reach for the Stars by Kerrie Paterson

Reach For The Stars (A Bindarra Creek Romance #5)Reach For The Stars by Kerrie Paterson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Kerrie Paterson is a new voice in rural/small town romance and definitely an author to watch on your TBR list. I’m partial to a story that features at-risk teens because this is a passion of my own. Ms Patterson cleverly paints characters invested in an outdoor program that is more than a passion – it’s personal. This secret millionaire trope is fresh, well written, heartwarming and genuine. I was quite happy to participate in this outdoor adventure from the comfort of my favourite reading spot. A true page turner.

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Reach for the stars and take hold of your dreams.

In the small community of Bindarra Creek, Stevie Ryan pours her heart and soul into running Reach for the Stars – her outdoor adventure program for at-risk kids. For her, it’s more than a business, it’s personal. Unfortunately, unless she can gain funding, she’ll have to shut the program down or sell her childhood home.

Journalist Luke Fraser seems like the answer to her prayers when he arrives from Sydney to write a story about her charity, but he’s not who he seems. When he’s exposed as a potential benefactor Secret Millionaire-style, their growing relationship comes under threat. Rich, pampered, city businessmen have no place in her world, especially ones who lie. Her cheating ex-husband taught her that lesson.

But she has bigger problems to face when one of her at-risk teens disappears and their world is rocked with fear. And it’s not the untamed landscape that’s the danger.