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Lost Love and Hard Won Happiness!

Mel and Michelle from Book BaybZ popped in to The Cranky Lizard for a wine and chat to Fenella.

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Mel and I exit the car and make our way down to the creek where we’ve been told we’ll find Fenella Rose-Waterman, heroine and manageress of, The Cranky Lizard Winery.

It’s a hot day and we both welcome the cool shade which envelopes us as we near the Creek. Clear, sparkling waters run down the ravine and over rocks creating an aura of sublime peacefulness.

“There she is.”

Mel points to our left where a petite woman with midnight hair and clothes that match, stands, skipping pebbles across the surface of the water.

“Hi, Fenella.”

I wave as the two of us toddle toward her.


She steps off the log she’d perched on and saunters over to us, hand outstretched. Her green eyes are bright, but gaurded, unlike her expression which is open in a blank sort of way.

“Juantia said we’d find you down here. How are you?”…

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Under the Covers

With Under the Hood on special this month, I’m taking a trip down memory lane.

Back in 2012, Kate Cuthbert from Escape Publishing took a chance on a little-known author with big dreams. I remember it being the best day of my life because writing for Harlequin had been a dream since I picked up my first M&B romance as a young teenager. Eight books later, that dream is still well and truly alive with a new release, Shadows over Wongan Creek, waiting in the wings.

I have a lot to thank Kate and the editing team for. I have learnt so much from them in the last six years, and I’m still learning. One thing I’ve learnt is the importance of branding and covers.

When I wrote Under the Hood, I had no idea it would be the start of a series, yet it evolved into one. Under the Law started out as The Tag Raiders, but the editorial team soon recognised that the series title and covers didn’t reflect the underlying message of the books which is the suspense theme, so it was re-branded and re-covered with much excitement from all involved.

When the first book in the series hit the shelves in 2013, Escape Publishing was just starting out, and digital covers hit the market as artists explored a whole new world of cover design. I loved my first covers, but when the series was re-branded with the re-release of Fly Away Peta as Under Shadow of Doubt in 2017, I had a whole new love for them.

Today, I’d like to take you on a visual journey of how my covers grew with me and my writing dream.

Every book is a new adventure, every cover is a new first love, and every release is a dream come true. I couldn’t have achieved any of that without Kate, the editorial team and the cover fairies. Thank you ❤

Under the Law

Three young boys, caught up in a gang crime, bring together families and lovers in a fight for freedom in Under the Law. The girl who wants to save them, a detective fighting to stamp out gang-related crime, and the link to a crime boss’ widow they weren’t expecting.