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In Overdrive

I’m in overdrive (or should that be hyperdrive?)

It’s been a rollercoaster of a year writing-wise with the Calhoun Customs Garage series racing off into the book world. Book 1, Overdrive, was received with excellent reviews which makes me a very happy author. I love it when readers share my love for these stories. Here’s a particularly lovely one from Keeper Bookshelf:

5.0 out of 5 starsTender, intense, believable romance. Looking forward to this series.
ByMarsha @ Keeper Bookshelf on June 26, 2018

“Overdrive ticked a few boxes that caused this title to catch my attention immediately. NASCAR. Enough said. I’ve followed many NASCAR dynasties throughout my years of race car addiction, mostly the Earnhardt family, so getting the chance to be right inside those famous or infamous families was definitely a draw. Then there’s the chance to experience a new to me author with Juanita Kees. And this first book in the Calhoun Customs Garage series only tells me that I’ve got some intriguing reading in my future as I explore this author’s back list of books. I love when that happens. Add to those features the fact that Overdrive is an intense yet tender story of two people who really are perfect for each other in all their imperfections… and I was hooked. I’m betting you will be, too.”

Thank you, Marsha! I’m having a lot of fun gettting the Calhoun brothers and sisters into as much trouble as I can find.

Posted in Books by Juanita Kees, Calhoun Customs Garage, Small Town USA Romance

Calhoun Customs Garage is Open for Business

Drivers, start your engines! Calhoun Customs Garage is open for business.

I am thrilled to bring you this series from Tule Publishing for so many reasons. One is that I get the chance to play in their garage, and two because I’m a huge fan of NASCAR and V8 Supercars.

I had so much fun writing Overdrive. Chase and Charlie came to life, living and breathing characters on the page. I’d love to say they wrote their own story, but it wasn’t quite that perfect 🙂

Like any race or competition, there were challenges along the way, some tears, a lot of chocolate and a few bottles of wine, but it all came together in time for the fall of the checkered flag.

There were bloopers and deleted scenes (like the one featured on Tule’s Blog) and heaps of editing, but Charlie, Zoe and Chase emerged winners in the end. As for me … I got to combine the loves of my life – racing, cars and writing.

The most rewarding thing (other than the gorgeous cover) has been the opportunity to chat with readers and NASCAR fans over at the Tule Book Club.  It’s inspiring and invigorating, which is a good thing because Fast Lane is due out in September!

Thank you, as always, to the readers who love to share these stories with me. You inspire me to keep writing.

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