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Take Me Home by Suzanne Gilchrist

Take Me Home by Suzanne Gilchrist
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Take Me Home is a beautiful story about second chances, family and community bonds. When a friend leaves two orphaned boys in her care, Senior Constable Abigail Taylor faces many new challenges. Including the arrival of her estranged husband, Roman, who believes she and the boys might be in danger. Add in floods, storms, runaways and the quirky characters who reside in Bindarra Creek, and this is an entertaining, heartwarming read. Roman is an irresistible hero with a big heart and is gorgeous in every way possible. Abi is tough, resilient and broken in a way only Roman can fix. I love that these two received everything they’d dreamed of in their HEA.

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A Kiss at Midnight very kindly hosted Chase and Charlie from Overdrive on their blog. Hop over to meet them.

A Kiss At Midnight Reviews

Hello dear readers and thank you to Kelsey for hosting the Calhouns on your blog.

Juanita Kees at Count’s Kustoms

Hello dear readers and thank you to Kelsey for hosting the Calhouns on your blog.

The idea forCalhoun Customs Garagewas born out of my love for NASCAR and programs like Counting Cars, Overhaulin’ and West Coast Customs.The people behind the scenes of these television shows are passionate aboutwhat they do. Often, the business is a family affair, like Orange County Choppers, for example. And,like theTeutulfamily,where there is passion there is bound to be drama, conflict and a romance or two.

The over-arching plot of the seriesis set around the importance of family. Marty Calhoun has Parkinson’s Disease and he knows he only has a small window in which to reunite his scattered family. Two of his sons…

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