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Book Love Book Club

With Facebook continually changing algorithms on which posts we see, and Twitter moving faster than I can fly, I’m missing out on interactions with the people I care about. I like to stay in touch with readers and share the love of all things bookish, so today, I’d like to invite you to join my book club on (similar to Yahoo, but better). You can choose to either log in to participate or do so via the comfort of your inbox. In the Book Love Book Club, we can:

  • talk about what you’re reading right now,
  • what’s next on your list,
  • ask a question about any of my books, writing, reading, editing,
  • chat about market trends, the next ‘big thing’, what you’d like to see out there on the shelves etc.
  • receive exclusive giveaways and sneak peeks

So make a coffee, stockpile the chocolate, bring a friend, and join me on the couch at Book Love Book Club today.

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Life in the Fast Lane

Edits on Fast Lane are going well, and book 2 in the Calhoun Customs Garage series will be coming to all your favorite bookstores in early 2019 (not in September as originally scheduled, sorry). Trinity Calhoun and Reece Balmain have a tough road to travel, and I’m fine-tuning their race toward a happy ever after. Here’s a little sneak peek for you:

Trinity rolled her shoulders, eased the stiffness in her neck and stretched her spine against the restraint of the full body harness. Gloved hands tight on the wheel, legs braced, she lined up in fifth position behind the pace car  .
Her ear piece crackled and Paige’s voice  sounded in her ear. “You’ve got this, Calhoun. Last race. And you’ve got more power under that hood than you need with your skills. Think Montana, baby. We’re going home and we’re gonna do it with a trophy in our hands.”
Paige — her pit mechanic, rock in a storm, and best friend since kindergarten. If things hadn’t gone south between Paige and Mason, they might have been sisters-in-law.  “Roger that.”
“All packed and ready to go. Your big brother says to get your skinny ass back home.”
Trinity grinned. She couldn’t wait to see her brothers and her dad again. Except for Mason. He was a pain in the ass, but she loved him anyway. Maybe one day he’d forgive himself for the accident that killed their youngest brother, and let the people who loved him back in.
A trickle of sadness had her attention moving to the photograph glued to her dashboard. She tapped his face, so young and innocent, so much like their dad in looks. “This one’s for you, Mitch.” She blew him a kiss skyward off the fingertips of her glove. Maybe Heaven had its own spectator stand today and Mitch would be watching. (Copyright 2018 Juanita Kees)