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Still Waters Run Deep in Wongan Creek

Today is release day for my rural romance, Secrets at Wongan Creek. Since it contains elements of suspense, I knew that when I told Tameka’s story, there would be a mixed bag of reviews. This book might not appeal to everyone, and that was something I understood even as Tameka’s story unfolded on the page.

The long-reaching effects of difficult relationships, whether physical or emotional, is not something everyone will understand. So this story was written for, and is dedicated to, those who will never truly be able to answer the question everyone will ask a victim of domestic violence—why did she stay? Some will almost certainly find her circumstances confronting, sometimes even a little frustrating. Imagine then how Tameka felt.

Domestic violence is a confronting subject, one that more often than not gets swept under the carpet. So why then did I choose such a deep and often misunderstood conflict for Tameka’s character? The answer is simple: because monsters like Louis Chalmers exist and Tameka, more than anyone, deserved a chance to love and be loved, to find a safe haven within which to rebuild her life, with a man who would love her unconditionally.

Many will wonder (and maybe even be annoyed at) why she didn’t just walk away. Louis wasn’t her husband, there was nothing to hold her to him except her love for the farm, the boy next door and the hope that one day her mother would come home.

When writing this story, I did extensive research on the reasons why adult survivors continue relationships with abusive parents. I hope that you will find it in your hearts to understand as Tameka goes through the healing process after long-buried secrets surface in Wongan Creek. That you will learn to love her and cheer her on as she emerges from the past that has kept her prisoner. Most of all, I hope you’ll fall in love with Harley, Tameka and Loki.

My Pledge: I will donate 50c to White Ribbon Australia for every copy of Secrets at Wongan Creek sold until November 25th, 2017. I hope you’ll come on board with me. Find it at your favourite etailer here.


Still waters run deep in Wongan Creek…

When spray drift ruins his crop and throws his ability to hold on to the family farm into question, Harley Baker wants to confront his neighbour and shout his rage and worry to the sky. But arguments are tricky when the woman whose herbicides killed his crop is also the woman he’s loved his whole life.

Tameka Chalmers knows that her father’s farming methods are outdated, inefficient, and even dangerous, so when Harley charges her with the loss of his livelihood, she can only accept the blame. There’s so much she would like to do differently, but her father’s rule is absolute and if she wants to keep working the farm she loves, she must do as she’s told.

But the simple action of speaking with Harley, the man she wants but can never have, starts an unexpected chain reaction of events that throw everything she’s ever known into question: her past, her family, her life. Dark secrets come to light and when Tameka is injured in a house fire, she and Harley have one small chance to seize a lifetime of happiness, if only they are able to rise from the ashes and claim it.



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Procrastination and a Mutinous Muse

Every year in May, I join the ranks of authors at the Romance Writers of Australia in a race to write 50, 000 words in thirty days. I had good intentions. Yes, I did. My muse, on the other hand, had other ideas. So my May challenge went something like this …

Day 1:

Muse: You’re going to work today.

Me: I have no choice. It’s a work today.

Muse: Huh. Okay then, I’ll stay home and drink wine.

Day 2:

Me: So, are we going to write today?

Muse (shrugs): Maybe.

Me: 1600 words?

Muse: I’ll give you 1476.

Day 3:

Me: Can’t write today. Work and an MTAA launch tonight.

Muse: I’ll forgive you. It’s Craig Lowndes. Ain’t nobody gonna say no to that.

Day 4:

Me: Great night last night. Let’s write!

Muse: Glad you had fun without me. Was he nice?

Me (sighs): Yes. He hugged me, touched my arm. I’m never going to wash it again.

Muse: Great! I’ll give you 1590 words.

Me: Cheers.

Day 5:

Me: Work day

Muse: Go then.

Day 6 & 7:

Muse: We writing this weekend?

Me: Nope. It’s V8’s at Barbagallo

Muse: Garth Tander?

Me: Yep.

Muse: Ain’t nobody gonna say no to that!

Day 9:

Me: Only 967 words?

Muse: I gave you Garth Tander, Craig Lowndes, Greg Murphy, Roger Penske … need I say more?

Me: I guess not.

Day 11:

Me: We’re almost half way. Can I have some words?

Muse: I’ll give you 654.

Me: They’re getting less. Are you punishing me?

Muse (stretches out on the couch): Zzzzzz

Day 13:

Me: 789 words. Total count: 5476/50000. We need more. We’re not even close to target.

Muse: Talk to the hand.

Day 16:

Me: 649 words on the WIP, numerous email responses and a work-related ad for the winter. Total count: 6125/50000. Current WIP now at 18916. I’d hoped to be around the halfway mark by now.

Muse: Stay at home and write then.

Me: Can’t. Day job. It’s how you stay alive.

Muse: Pffft. Pass the wine and chocolate.

Day 18:

Me: A dismal 198 words today. Ridonculous! We can do better than that.

Muse (in a chocolate coma): Maybe if you can get your characters to stop dancing around each other …

Me: That’s your job. Inspire me.

Muse: I’m off to Fiji …

Day 21:

Me: Today’s achievement – I made soup. (No, this photo was the stew my husband made. You don’t want to see what the soup looked like)

Day 25:

Muse: Your edits for Secrets are here!

Me: But I want to work on Heart.

Muse: Too bad. Edits first, write later. And by the way, if you don’t stay off Facebook, you’ll never get anything written or edited.


Running total: 6323/50, 000

To be continued ….