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Worth the Wait by Annie Seaton

Worth the Wait by Annie Seaton
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More of the colourful characters who reside in Bindarra Creek. School principal, Jaclyn Douglas has a big task ahead of her as she arrives at the small town school. While disgruntled staff and students run amok, she has to bring the school back under control as her personal life falls to pieces. Her past comes back to haunt her with the arrival of hero, Ryan Rossiter on the scene. Their second chance at love is compromised by lies and danger as the truth finally comes out to challenge their HEA. A heartwarming story of commitment, community and faith in being able to make a difference.

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Worth the Wait

When Jaclyn Douglas is posted to Bindarra Creek Central School as the new principal, she has plans to bring the school forward. Hiding a difficult past behind an aloof exterior, this committed career woman finds it hard to be accepted by the community. When Ryan Rossiter, her nemesis, turns up in town, Jaclyn wonders what else can go wrong in her life. If only Ryan wasn’t one of the good guys.

Ryan Rossiter has had enough of city life and moves to his property on the outskirts of Bindarra Creek. He can’t afford to live off the land, so he continues his work as a building contractor for the Education Department. Meeting up with Jaclyn again is a shock, because he knows very well why she can’t be trusted.

Why has she moved to this small loyal community? Can Ryan believe her assertion that she is here to stay?
And more to the point, can he resist the attraction that this woman holds for him, or will she pull him into her web of lies?

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