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Giveaway (Closed): Winter Reading Sorted

Hello from a wet and wintery Perth.

Last month I promised you  a giveaway and today seemed like the perfect day for it. I’m sipping a hot peppermint tea from a lovely cup given to me by my friend, Ann B Harrison and listening to the rain on the roof. That had me thinking about curling up under the blanket with a good book.

I’ve just finished the final proofread of Overdrive which is due for release on June 26, 2018 and working on the next book in the series, Fast Lane. In between, I’m catching up on my reading list which includes: Blood Tree River by Sarah Barrie, As I Am by Mel Teshco, One Night Wife by Ainslie Paton and Kiss Me at Willoughby Close by Kate Hewitt.

Now, about that giveaway…

Winner drawn by Big Gav on 17/06/18

Simply leave a comment to tell me what you’ve read this month or what you have on your TBR list and where your favourite spot is to read, and you will go into the draw to win a paperback bundle of Country Whispers, Home to Bindarra Creek and Finding Paradise (the teacup isn’t included, sorry!)

**Entrants must be 18 years and over**

Giveaway closes 16/06/18. Winner will be notified via the comments on this post.




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26 thoughts on “Giveaway (Closed): Winter Reading Sorted

  1. Well, right now I’m reading about Fen and Kieran in Wongan Creek III; just before that I read Exhibition: Unchained Vice by the brilliant Nicolette Hugo. Just love Nicolette’s work, and dare I say, her books definitely keep the winter chill away!!! phwoar!

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  2. Finished today my mother’s day gift, Whisper by Lynette Noni. Not what I thought it would be (good one for a teenager) but I enjoyed it as I’m only just past my teenage years mentally. Next is Dan Brown’s Origin book. Snuggled under a blanket keeping warm is my favourite spot.

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  3. I’m reading Fallen by Lauren Kate and Sherlock Holmes. I like to read so many books in different genres and I can read everywhere as long as I feel comfortable.

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  4. Hi Juanita

    I am reading Annie Seaton’s His Outback Temptation at the moment and have read some awesome books over the last month Sarah Barrie’s Bloodtree River and Natasha Lester’s A Paris Seamstress 😀😀

    Have Fun

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  5. I am reading Ink Master by Francis Stockton, or should I say rereading. Love this book and I read it at least 2 times a year. I am always looking for new authors and have about 3000 ebooks on each of my kindles (I have 3) and also on my tablet. I know I’m greedy.

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    1. A reader can never have too many reading devices 😉 I love that Ink Master has a suspense plot in it. I’m a big fan of cold case stories. 3000 ebooks, wow! Happy reading!


  6. Juanita, I’ve just finished reading John Oates bio (Hall & Oates), next up is Lisa Ireland’s new book, then Natasha Lester’s new one. Love our Aussie authors, but next week I’m off to see Hall & Oates live in New York (tick off my bucket list) hence John’s biography 😀 I love reading in my lounge room with the gas fireplace on and a cappuccino at hand. Thanks for the chance!

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    1. Oh wow! How awesome to be going to New York to see Hall & Oates. I hope you’ll come back and tell me all about it. Sounds amazing. You’re going to love Lisa Ireland’s new book. There’s nothing like a warm fire and a mug of something hot to accompany a good read on a cold winter’s night. Safe travels!


    1. Hi Lyn, thank you. Another author to add to my TBR list. I like discovering new voices to read. I usually prefer books in series to each have an HEA and am not a big fan of episode-style reads, but that plot looks really interesting and twisty, so I’m definitely going to read Interwoven and House of Lies. The beauty of it is that both books are already written and I don’t have to wait for months for the next instalment 🙂


  7. Hello. I’m currently reading ‘finding sanity’ by greg de Moore. It’s the dr John cade bio about mental health. Very interesting. But I mix it up. Recently finished ‘game of thrones’ and the ‘horse thief’ tea cooper. Too many on my reading list!! Loving audio with borrow box too. Helps get through my domestics. Favorite place to read is in bed when kids have gone to sleep. Downside – husband snores😩I look forward to reading whispers at wongan creek. That’s my next one after john case bio.

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    1. Hi Penny, Those sound like interesting reads! Tea Cooper writes beautiful stories. I think it’s great that more and more readers are using audio books. In a world where most of us are time poor, it’s good to be able to pop on some headphones and escape the real world. As for the snoring husband ,,, I have one of those too 😉 Happy reading!


  8. This week I’ve finished reading The Art of Friendship by Lisa Ireland. Wonderful story about friendships. Yesterday (you can’t go too many days without a book) I started The Secrets at Ocean’s Edge by Kali Napier. Interesting reading so far. An Aussie author I’d never heard of before.

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  9. I just finished Jenn J McLeod’s story A Place To Remember. It truly was a toe tingling story. Now am about to start Barbara Hannay’s Under The Southern Cross.

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