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When life gives you a second chance …

You take it and say thank you, Universe.

It was with some sadness that  I said goodbye to the cover of my debut novel, Fly Away Peta this month. You see, it holds really sweet memories. I danced with happiness when I first saw the gorgeous artwork from Amanda Kelsey and knew that this would be my first ever real book cover.

2012 was the year my dreams came true as a newly published author and the book enjoyed a moderate success in the US with Eternal Press for four years. This week, thanks to a change of ownership at the press, I received my rights back for my first book baby.

I shouldn’t be sad though because this change gives Peta and Jaime a second chance. This means I can edit their story, improve it and make it fit with the rest of the Under the Law series where it belongs. Because this is where it all began for Detective Mark Johnson. Fly Away Peta no longer needs to be the ‘prequel’ to the series, no longer an outsider. It now has a chance to be part of the family. So hold thumbs as I add and delete scenes that will transform this story into Under Shadow of Doubt, Book 1 in the Under the Law series.

Book 1, The Gods of Oakleigh

Sadly, the events that released me from Eternal/Damnation meant I had to say goodbye to the cover of Finding Paradise, also by the lovely Amanda Kelsey. This book had a bumpy ride as soon after acceptance, the press changed ownership and it never reached the point of publication. By mutual agreement, I received the rights back. Now Arian and Jax will also have a second chance at having their story told. So hold thumbs for them too as The Gods of Oakleigh look for a new home. Who knows, you might get to see this cover again after all.


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