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Series News!

Under the Hood from Escape Publishing is now officially Book 1 of the Tag Raiders series. I recently finished writing Book 2, working title Under Cover of Dark, which tells the story of the third Tag Raiders gang member, Luke Bennetti and his mum, Lily.
In Under the Hood, we met gang leaders Tiny and Marty who are rescued by garage owners, TJ and Scott. Murder, dirty deals and the dark underworld of drugs haunt the boys until Detective Mark Johnson rides to their rescue.
This isn’t the detective’s first brush with the drug ring’s kingpins though and he soon uncovers a plot far deeper than he expected. It all started with his ex brother-in-law, Paul Price in Fly Away Peta.
Now he must solve the mystery of Tiny’s murder, piece together the jigsaw that reveals the bigger picture, keep his star witnesses, Lily and Luke Bennetti alive, and try not to compromise his case by falling in love.

Murder, Suspense and Romance await you in Under Cover of Dark.

When Mark Johnson continues his investigation into the murder of Tiny Watts and the Under Cover of Darkinvolvement of the teenage gang, the Tag Raiders, with sleazy lawyer, Gino Bennetti (Under the Hood), the last thing he expects is to be interviewing Gino’s widow. And she’s in a world of trouble.

With her husband’s blood on her hands, Lily Bennetti has her son to protect and secrets that run deeper than the scars she bears. Mark Johnson is the last person she wants uncovering those secrets. Especially the truth about her son Luke’s involvement in Tiny Watts’ murder.

As the investigation continues and Lily’s scars heal, she finds the gorgeous detective easy to trust and the friendship between them blossoms into more. But the secret Lily holds is placing them in very real danger. She stands to lose her son, the man she loves, her freedom and  her life.

Book 2: Under Cover of Dark (Tag Raiders Series) coming soon.


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