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Under the Hood – The Real Story

In Under the Hood Juanita Kees gives a story about much more than the relationship of TJ and Scott. It’s about that and their desire to do good and help others who might not have the life skills they need to be safe. We read about the perceived barriers to both the relationship and the program TJ and Scott are working on, and how they could work through those barriers. I really liked both TJ and Scott. They were both open, honest and strong characters that were easy to relate too. I really enjoyed reading this book, it’s a great love story. ~ Harlequin Junkie

Under the Hood is a love story with a deeper message. I created two strong characters with a common goal and gave them something to work towards, something that had the power to bring them together and make them work hard to stay together. Are Scott and TJ up to the challenge?

TJ Stevens has a dream to build a shelter for troubled teenagers. She runs an Apprentice Rehabilitation program at the car dealership where she is a technician and has her hands full trying to keep them off the streets. But the dealership is sold to a businessman with a ruthless reputation and suddenly her hard work, her dream and her rehabilitation program are under threat. Can she love a man who threatens her whole reason for being?

Scott Devin is looking for more than just a business challenge on his arrival in Perth. He’s restless. Buying and selling car dealerships is just not satisfying his needs. The problem is – he doesn’t know what it is he’s looking for. He’s built a wall around himself following a disastrous relationship and bad publicity, so he’s not in the market for love. He finds out there is more to his stiletto-wearing, mini-skirted foreperson when two of the apprentices find themselves in serious trouble. Scott sees how far TJ will go to save her lost boys and the walls he’s built around his heart begin to crumble.

TJ watched as Marty disappeared behind the ambulance doors, tightly strapped to the stretcher. It would take him a while to come down. 619-01166907Thank God they’d found him in time. Tears stung her eyes and she tried to force them back but the months of worrying over the boys were beginning to take their toll. They slid unchecked down her cheeks. What happened to the program was dependent on Scott Devin’s reaction to what he’d just seen. She wiped the tears away with the edge of her overall shirt. Firm hands descended on her shoulders and squeezed gently.

“You okay?”

She nodded, not quite trusting her voice yet. Scott turned her to face him and spotted the tear tracks. He fished out his handkerchief, tipped up her chin and scrubbed them away.

“You had dirt on your face,” he said and let her chin go. “They’re taking Tiny in. I’ll be at the hearing to make sure we get him back into the program. We need to talk about this, TJ.”

She nodded again, keeping her gaze trained at a point over his shoulder.  “Can it wait?” The pain in her voice couldn’t be disguised.

“Sure.” Scott tipped her chin again so that she had no choice but to meet his eyes. “This afternoon, my office, after lunch. Now give me the keys. I’m driving this time. I’d like to get back to the office in one piece.”


Award Winning Author; RWA RUBY Nominee; Diploma in Proofreading, Editing and Publishing; Published author since 2012; Debut Author with Harlequin's digital pioneer, Escape Publishing.

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