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One Step Closer

FLY AWAY PETA is one step closer to reality today with a lovely new cover from Amanda Kelsey at Razzle Dazzle Designs. There’s nothing that beats ‘cover love’ and I fell for this one immediately! What do you think?

For more information and a short blurb, go to

And look out for the video trailer coming soon….


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16 thoughts on “One Step Closer

  1. Looks Great! Suites the title and blurb. Her lightness in the picture and the male’s darkness is a brilliant contrast and that red blazing background signifies passion. Marvellous!


      1. I find that, sometimes, too. The title is just so right …

        With another book, it changes all the way through, and then the publisher asks for it to be changed again.


      2. Yes, that is so true! My current WIP title has changed a few times now but I think I’ve found the right one. Now it’s on to fixing the saggy middle 😀


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